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Personal Legal Services


Litigation, prosecution and any legal process can become very expensive. The general rule in Norwegian law is that in civil proceedings the unsuccessful party has to pay the costs of the successful party. Before undertaking legal services, we are looking carefully into your case and give you our recommendations free of charge and without obligation. And we will of course inform whether you are entitled to free legal assistance and in that case the legal aid scheme, and also about any possible right to legal expenses insurance. When we are undertaking legal services, you will receive our confirmation of power & terms in writing.


First and foremost we provide legal services in dispute resolution and litigation. Such services require a thourough knowledge of your case before we enter into any binding service agreement. We try to resolve disputes by talking to avoid legal process because this is often cheaper, quicker and in other respects the better solution. However, if such negotiation fails, we will carefully carry out knowledgeable legal services for you through all necessary court proceedings at competitive rates, and whenever possible take proper action to recover your legal expenses from the other party. We do also provide legal advice in a wide range of fields, several fields that are not among the special features of this presentation.



Contract Law,
Law of Sales & Cosumer Rights


Within our special fields of contract law and law of sales & consumer rights, we provide legal services in dispute resolution and litigation, advice and assistance in a wide range of problems and areas, including:

- purchase of goods and services, such as faulty

  vehicles, boats, electrical goods and poor quality

  workmanship of builders, carpenters, plumbers,

  electricians; remedy for defective performance, claim

  of compensation & price reduction, remedy of faulty

  and cancelling,

- buying and selling property, in disputes (see below)

  and preparation of contracts,

- disputes with banks and investment businesses,

  insurance companies and in financing in general,

- leasing in general; in tenant & landlord disputes,

  whether you are tenant or landlord, 

- disputes with individuals and any public body,

- consumer rights in general. 


Directors' liability  - claims against board members & managing director


Somtimes a company can become unable to fulfil its obligations, for instance due to insolvency. In this situation, people may think their money or other claims are definitively lost.


However, in accordance with Norwegian law, any person who has rightful claims against the company can claim these rights and losses directly against the board members, managing director, shareholders - and even the auditor of the company - in case their negligence caused the loss.


Our special field is to consider such individual liability and advise and assist our clients in dispute resolution and litigation in such cases.


Employment Law,
unfair dismissal & compensation


It is a distressing experience to be wrongful discharged or unfair dismissed by your employer. We will inform you of your rights and assist you in talks and negotiations with your employer, and assist you in any necessary legal process.


We do also provide effective legal advice and assistance in situations of "outsourcing", "redundancy" in general, if your employer is selling the company or parts of the business, and in simular operations; likewise in considering, assessing and drafting employment contracts, golden handshakes and compromise agreements.


Finance & bank,
investment & insurance disputes


Within our specialization of contract law, we provide strong and effective legal services in disputes with banks & other finance companies and investment- and insurance companies, that may be disputes over:

- the legal effect of agreements at all,

- claims against banks, finance businesses in general

  and invesetment companies due to professional


- claims under an insurance policy; claims for damages

  in general.


Law of Torts,
claim for damages


We provide legal services in action for damages within most of the areas of law of torts, including:

- claims for damages for personal injury, including claims

  for patient injuries compensation,

- insurance law,

- business liability (contractual and tortious),

- various kinds of claim of damage from individuals and

  any public body,

- wrongful act; tort regardless cause of damage.




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We also provide

We provide a wide range of legal services to individuals with advice, assistance, dispute resolution and litigation, particularly in fields adjacent to the practice areas featured in this presentation, such as within law of succession, in disputes over testamentary dispositions, infringement action, whitin law of minors, in disputes over taxation and in case of compulsory purchase & expropriation (see also Public Law & Human Rights).

Photo: Staale Wattø

Property disputes


Property in general and real estate in particular, cause lot of disputes. Disputes arise most frequently by selling and buying real property, and the typical litigation is about claim for faulty; compensation and price reduction. And disputes are arising in housing cooperative and other types of ownership in common from a varety of reasons.


Disputes are also arising over different rights to real property, beneficial use & easements, such as easement to access, drainage, right to land for different purposes, possessory interest and a wide range of rights, and disputes arise with neighbouring properties, for instance in allegations of annoyance and pollution.


Our specialities are to provide legal services in property dispute resolution and litigation, and to assist and advise in assessing and preparing agreements to avoid disputes. 



Public Law - Human Rights,
Immigration & Criminal Law


We provide legal services to improve and protect individual's rights to protection accorded by law, due process protection, in proceedings, trials and appeals against any public body, state or local. And we provide legal assistance and advice within all areas of public law, including:

- criminal cases,

- immigration,

- action for the protection of children's rights,

- revoke and rejection of permission,

- administrative law in general; disputes over public

  treatment in various kinds of cases.

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