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Employment Law


Please appreciate that the employment law in Norway probably is different from the law in your country; Norwegian law provides very strong employment protection rights and is constantly evolving. Our legal services are specialized in employment proceedings, and we assist and advise in negotiations and in assessing and drafting:

- employment contracts at all levels,

- company policies, handbooks and procedures, including

  implementation of non-disclosure declarations,

- plans for restructuring and developing the business,

- compromise agreements & golden handshakes.


Marketing &
Competition Law


Business experience, particularly within marketing management, engineering qualifications and legal specialization enable us to provide quick, strong and effective legal services also within marketing & competition law. There are fundamental connections between contract law and marketing & competition law, which require special knowledge and attention already when preparing the company's strategic plans and through marketing & promotion, manufacturing, supply and use.


Marketing agreements between businesses - such as distribution agreements, agency contracts and cooperation

agreements - consortium agreements, different types of purchasing & manufacturing agreements, the sales information & advertising and customer & consumer information, have extensive impact in many ways on the company's duties and obligations, and may also lead to expensive sanctions in case of violation of the law.


Our special legal areas are to assist and advise in assessing and drafting marketing agreements, see also Contract Law, considering protection & infringement of intellectual property rights, including unregistered design rights, the product liability and various aspects of marketing & competition law, such as combination in restraint of trade. And we do of course provide legal services in dispute resolution and litigation in most areas within marketing & competition law.



Business Legal Services


We make extensive effort to provide knowledgeable legal advice and assistance in the full range of our client's commercial interests, offering strong and effective services in commercial dispute resolution and litigation, any necessary court proceedings and arbitration nationally. Experience gives us perspectives from different industries and sizes of companies, which in combination with our legal specializations ensure reliable advices for making correct decisions. Before undertaking services you will receive our confirmation of power & terms in writing.


Companies Law


Our business experience and special knowledge of partnership & company law enable us to provide comprehensive legal services for companies and businesses in different industries and sizes.


We provide legal services in dispute resolution and litigation, advice and assistance particularly within:

- directors' liability for the company's breach of 

  obligations; legal liability & claim in damages,

- shareholders & partners agreements, ownership

  interests and conditions,

- starting a company, restructuring & develop-

  ment projects, business immigration, establishing

  company in Norway,

- issues, including placing & right issues,

  buying & selling,

- management & employment,

- shareholder & director disputes,

- business law, see also Contract Law and Marketing

  & Competition Law.


Directors' liability


In principle, a limited company is an independent entity in which none of the directors or shareholders has any personal liability for the enterprise's breach of duties or obligations. The principle, however, impose a duty of care on the directors, shareholders and auditor of the company. This is why Norwegian law contain provisions that lay down such individual liability on board members, managing director, shareholders and even the auditor, in case their negligence cause loss to creditor and any third party or the company itself. Our special legal area is to consider such individual liability and advise and assist our clients in dispute resolution and litigation.


Photo: Staale Wattø

Law of torts


We provide legal services in action for damages within most of the areas of law of torts, including:

- employer's liability,

- in employment relationships,

- business liability (contractual and tortious),

- different types of damage claims from individuals

  and any public body.


Photo: Staale Wattø

Contract Law


Within our special fields of contract law, we provide legal services in contract disputes and resolution, and contract legal advice.


We assist companies and businesses in different types of contracts and cases, including contracts within the shipbuilding industry, the supplies of equipment & contracts to purchase goods and services, engineering and offshore & fabrication contracts, public procurement and construction contracts.


In contract legal advice, we provide assessments of terms in force, assistance with drafting, advice on structuring and terms of contract, including:

- contracts to purchase goods and services,

  sales and supply contracts,

- manufacturing, procurement and construction

  contracts, including cosortium agreements,

- agency contracts, distribution agreements and

  cooperation agreements,

- licence contracts, research and development

  contracts and know-how contracts,

- management & shareholders agreements,

- employment contracts,

- leasing, buying & selling property.



Public Law, Criminal Law
& Disqualification from business


We provide legal services to protect also the companies' rights to protection accorded by law, due process protection, in proceedings, trials and appeals, against any public body, state & local, and advise and assist within areas of public law, including:

- criminal cases, corporate penalty and disqualification

  (of directors) from business,

- revoke and rejection of permissions,

- administrative law in general; disputes over public

  treatment in various kinds of cases.


We also provide

We provide a wide range of legal services to companies and businesses, with advice, assistance, dispute resolution and litigation, particularly in fields adjacent to the practice areas featured in this presentation, including in disputes over investments, loan & mortgage and finance in general.


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